Dave is an excellent coach that takes the time to get to truly know his students on and off the course. When first meeting with Dave, he asked what my strengths and weaknesses were. With me, my biggest weakness had always been hitting greens in regulation.


Instead of what most coaches would do (try to make me have the ability to hit more greens), he took the time to work on my short game. He showed me the importance of using all clubs around the green, even up to a 6 iron. He taught me different shots that could work around the green, and actually took the time to make golf fun and more exciting than it had been the past 10+ years.


He would take the time to put a competitive edge on the game, even while practicing around the greens. One unique thing about Dave was that he actually took the time to take a look at my putting stroke (which was pretty horrendous at the time), taking the time to make a few small and big adjustments to improve it by 100%, to the point where I was making 10+ footers and couldn’t miss.


Over all, Dave was there as a coach, as a friend, and takes the time to get to know his students on and off the course, which is a unique aspect that most coaches do not take the time to do. 

-Hollie Carr

Tennessee Wesleyan University

Dave’s first calling, and his greatest strength is teaching golf!  This is evident in the attitude he brings to his students.  He puts you at ease and readily identifies the best way to help you improve your game.  Lessons are relaxed, enjoyable and very helpful.  I still hear former students quoting tips Dave gave them to get them out of trouble.  He is equally helpful with all levels of golfer from beginners to low handicappers who feel their game may need a bit of tweaking.  I highly recommend taking lessons with Dave.  You will be glad you did.

-Mary-Jo Laforet 
Past President
Kingsville Golf and Country Club

I was 16 when Dave and I first started working together, I was at the time a member of Team Essex-Kent. I first started working with Dave because I was struggling with putting where in

only a few short lessons we were able to solve a few of my putting problems, drastically improving my putting. He made things simple to understand which aided in quick

improvement time.


Won 2015 Essex-Kent match play

-Myles Thiessen

Univserity Of Windsor