The Short Game Experience

Short Game for the Beginners

Introduction to the Short Game through basic fundamentals:


The Art of Putting - introducing the proper set-up, motion and ball position

Putting Touch - develop practice techniques to improve speed control

The Chip Shot - establish set-up, swing motion, ball contact, and club selection

Program Length: 45 Minutes per session for 3 weeks

Cost: $50.00 per Student / Maximum 8 

Short Game Fundamentals - Full Day

Developing the skills necessary to establish an excellent short game through basic swing motion and putting mechanics:

The Chip Shot - set-up, ball position and swing motion

The Pitch Shot - set-up, ball position and swing motion

The Wedge Shot - swing motion, ball contact and distance control

The Bunker Shot - swing motion, set-up and consitency

Putting Technique - aim, path, face angle and impact

Putting Touch - develop practice drills to improve speed and lag putting

Green Reading - understanding how to read greens and developing basic green reading procedures

Program Length: 6 Hours

Cost: $150.00 per Student / Maximum 8