Teaching Philosophy

My teaching approach is to address the flaws of the golf swing and help you improve the necessary fundamentals required to produce ball contact and consistency.

Teaching and coaching are about understanding communication and addressing the particulars of each golfers swing.  As a Golf Professional, I will share my expertise, education, and training with you.

My goal is to modify the golfers swing with the fundamentals required to play the game. I will show and demonstrate to you how to improve certain swing mechanics that are simple and without too much physical and mental effort.

Golf can be frustrating at times.  I won’t try to overwhelm you with technical terms or try to rebuild your swing from scratch, disrupt your current level of play, or force you into an uncomfortable swing motion.

Your improvement plan will revolve around goals, drills and frequent practice sessions.  I will guide you through all aspects of the game required to lower scores and fun along the way.